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Proposed Wetland Project

We have been receiving many questions regarding the Lake Bluff Stormwater Wetlands Proposal and Land Use Citizen Task Force.  We encourage both golfers and non-golfers alike to stay informed and get involved by following these links:

Lake Bluff Park District Park Board Meetings

Protect The Lake Bluff Golf Course

Protect Lake Bluff Parks

Public Meetings You Can Attend!

Meeting: August 9, 2022, 6:30 p.m.,

Park District Second public forum providing community members the opportunity to share opinions/feedback on the Task Force report and the future use of Park District property. Park Board Commissioners will attend the meeting to listen to all public feedback. The Park District welcomes and encourages Lake Bluff residents to also submit their written comments either at the public forums or through the Park District land use webpage. All public comments will become part of the public record and help inform the Park Board Commissioners as they consider park land use questions and opportunities.

Submit a comment to the Lake Bluff Park District Board of Commissioners link:

GolfVisions remains committed to successfully operating the Lake Bluff Golf Club on behalf of the Lake Bluff Park District.

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